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Cardboard Brick BlocksImagiBRICK's crush-proof cardboard brick blocks. Toddler and preschool cardboard blocks are made in the USA. Bulk quantity brick blocks also available in red, green, purple, and orange. Baby and Toddler ToysPlastic, rubber, and wooden toys for toddlers. Travel toys for toddlers and learning toys for babies. Quadro PlaysetsQuadro indoor/outdoor adventure playsets for children. Modular play sets that grow with your children.
Stuffed AnimalsStuffed toy animals including teddy bears, ball toys, and jungle animals. Sizes small to jumbo. Bulk Quantity Cardboard BlocksLarge cardboard blocks size 12 x 6 x 3 in red, green, purple, or orange. Crush-proof cardboard brick blocks are drool resistant. Little Reader BlocksLittle Reader Blocks to teach sight word reading. Sight words activities included.
Childrens ToysVaried array of toys and games for kids three years old and up. See our new Find It Games! Wooden Toys for KidsSafe wooden toys for toddlers, preschoolers and young children. 

Selections of Cardboard Blocks:

Parents and educators will want to examine all our selections of toy blocks our most popular item. Our large cardboard blocks are crush proof and drool-proof and come in both pre-packaged sets and bulk quantity. Colored large brick blocks come in red, green, orange, and purple. You may purchase a 16 piece set of all red blocks or a set of 24 or 40 which have three sizes of blocks in red, yellow, and blue.

Wooden Toys:

You will find many of the best kids toys including wooden toys for toddlers as you explore our online toy store.

We have added a new category to our website - children's toys. This page will have learning toys for toddlers and children including pretend toys for kids over 3 years old. 

Gifts for Four Year Olds. Shopping for a gift idea for 4 year olds will be fun as you browse through our children's toys page. See our new Design a Block Toy from Smart Monkey Toys. This is a set of blocks that includes 12 large white erase board blocks and 4 large red preprinted brick blocks.  Or you may enjoy getting an Artist Kit for your four year old girl or boy. There is also a pretty ballerina puppet or a giant road puzzle any boy would love to have. New items are added on an ongoing basis so check back every so often to see what is now available. Our gifts for four year olds boys and girls are fun to give as birthday gifts; keep some on hand for unexpected party invitations.


It is a known fact that kid’s building blocks are one of the best learning toys for toddlers on the market. Besides offering creative, open-ended play other benefits include:

Important physical benefits: Both a child’s hand and his little finger’s will build up strength as they lift and carry and build different structures and mazes with toy blocks. Young kids coordination between their hands and their eyes will also be developed.

A variety of social skills are learned during open-ended playtime:  Making new friends of all ages and genders just comes naturally when they are engaged in open ended play with large blocks. They learn it can be fun to “work” with other children and discuss new and interesting ideas that pop up while playing with one another. This benefit alone makes blocks one of the best educational toys you will be giving your children.

Blocks are learning toys for toddlers and children that teach creativity and problem solving: Children can practice coming up with new ideas of how to play with their blocks and decide what new patterns they can build. Block play helps children develop emotionally: When making large buildings and towers with large cardboard blocks they are provided a chance to express strong feelings. In the beginning a young child may feel frustrated when their structures fall down but through continuous play they will learn to cope with these feelings and actually learn to have fun when they, themselves knock down their towers. They also learn balance and coordination during play time.

There are several intellectual benefits:  As parents, you will notice that your children’s vocabularies will progressively develop as they play with cardboard brick blocks. Also, children will naturally begin to notice that all objects are not the same size, shape, or color as are evidence in our 40 piece set of toy blocks. This set of kids blocks continues to be the most popular of our learning toys for toddlers.

Block play helps children develop physically: Children of all ages develop both large and small motor skills and eye-hand coordination when they play with kids building blocks. As children learn to walk carefully around block structures, they improve their balance, control, and spatial awareness.

Adventure Play Sets:

My First Quadro Play Set Browse through our adventure playsets - by Quadro. Modular play sets will last a lifetime. They will keep your children at home or in their own backyard for hours of active playtime. These playsets can be set up indoors or outdoors and are brightly colored tubes you can design just as you used to with Tinker Toys. Sometimes you may want to design a climbing gym with your play set. Other times you may build a go cart, a juice bar, goals, airplane, or a truck. Quadro offers a wide variety of designs. Customers buy these playsets over and over again because they find them to be an exceptional value.

Plush Stuffed Animals:

Explore our selections of plush stuffed animals including hand sewn teddy bears. Select from small sized plush toys to jumbo teddy bears and jungle animals.

Toys for Toddlers:

Also, we are now carrying new toys for toddlers from a manufacturer we just signed up with. You will love our newly designed 3d puzzle selection of animal puzzles, bathtub baby toys, and unique games.  We have also added a new wooden toy category that offers toys for creative, active fun play. These educational toys are the gifts you will be proud to give and receive. 

We select each of our preschool toys and our educational toys for our online toy store so that all children will have safe baby and toddler toys to encourage their pretend play. A child's pretend play begins during a child’s second year of life making selections of learning toys for toddlers and children an important job for parents and school educators.

A child’s capacity for representational thinking will emerge and increase and their thinking and acting will take on many new qualities as you watch and listen to their changes in pretend play time. As always it is important to include in your selections of learning toys for toddlers, toys were children are free to role play.

Other aspects of their early representational thinking are apparent in both the toddler years and in their preschool years. It is these transformations in thinking and understanding that occurs in the first few years of life that provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of intellectual growth; which makes it important for children to have safe educational and learning toys from the very beginning of their lives. It is important to select your preschool toys carefully.

Clutching Toys:

To help your babies with their fine motor development we have pretty clutching toys This wooden toy will help when your baby begins reaching and grasping. Young infants can wave their little arms in the air; but they cannot direct them toward a target, much less get hold of the object. You will want to carefully select your baby's educational toys from manufacturers who use non-toxic finishes and splinter proof wood. Remember, you get what you pay for; a cheaper wood toy for your baby is not a good idea.

We hope you have fun browsing through our educational toys for toddlers.  Choosing just the right learning toys for toddlers and children will be an awarding experience.

Toys for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

You are about to explore a variety of educational toys for younger children. Our selections now include toys for babies, toddlers, and children. Our wooden toy page includes some baby toys, but is mostly geared toward toddler toys and preschool toys and ages through about seven.

Blocks, one of the most recommended learning toys for toddlers and children, are available in several size sets and are our most popular selling kids toys. You will also a selection of the popular Quadro adventure playsets. Our 
educational toys are high quality and eco-friendly to protect our planet.

Educational toys for toddlers, such as Little Reader Blocks, will strengthen and speed up children’s transition to reading his books. This sight word game is fun and an educational toddler toy all homes and preschools should have on hand for reading lessons.

Make sure to visit our new story book page. We are now selling kids books.