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You may have seen one of the versions of Phunzone’s outdoor play sets at a friend's home, a relative’s back yard, or even at an outdoor yard of a day care center and did not know they are still available in the United States of America.

For more creative learning, building, and climbing fun we are adding to our online toy store a line of Quadro playsets. Any adventure playset from our line of Quadro indoor/outdoor play structures will provide your children many years of fun play. You will love watching your kids play both inside or in your backyard playground.

See this Short You Tube Video

If you are interested in more of our largest structures such as “Hawaii” shown above, please contact us about other available models.

Phunzone is located in Atlanta, Georgia and has had over 25 years experience in the designing and building of modular play structures for all ages of boys and girls. You can select a Quadro adventure playset that will last for many years and provide your children with open ended activity toys you will be proud to own. 

As many of our customers do, you will be purchasing additional Quadro playsets as your children grow older or as your family size increases. Our modular structures can easily be broken down and packed up when you re-locate your family to a new home. 

What are Phunzone Play Structures? 

Phunzone offers a very UNIQUE “large-scale” modular construction system to create a wide range of compact, tough, durable, colorful, safe and fun outdoor play sets. 

Phunzone playsets offer your children the ultimate opportunity for safe, developmentally appropriate play in a colorful and fun environment, at very affordable prices. Each play set can be built and set up either indoors or outside. 

Each Phunzone playset you build for your children will help them become more secure, confident and socially responsible and will help them develop balance, strength and a range of motor skills. Children’s activities on Phunzone™ play centers are only limited by their imagination. 

The components of our playsets are made of quality engineered, impact absorbing, UV-stabilized thermoplastic tubes, connectors and panels. The rigid components “lock” together to make a variety of structures to support the weight of pre-school age children playing (and adults to clean and maintain). The benefit of plastic components is that they have a high strength, without the weight of metal. In addition the plastic does not rust or corrode like metal or splinter like wood. 

What is Quadro? 

Quadro is a very UNIQUE "large-scale" modular construction system to create and build an unlimited number of play structures. It is the ONLY system which can be built so that kids can safely use as a jungle gym, play loft, climber, vehicle, desk, fort, maze, obstacle course... etc. 

Quadro playset designs are only limited by the imagination!

  • Kids stay busy and never get bored with Quadro
  • Great for all homes, schools, apartments, playrooms, kids bedrooms, decks, backyards
  • Can also be used in Day Care, Kids Gyms, Pediatric Facilities, Health Clubs, etc.

How does Quadro work? 

Quadro construction kit components comprise impact absorbing, UV-stabilized plastic (thermoplastic) tubes, connectors and panels which are quickly and easily assembled in hundreds of possible ways and then safely secured with special locking screws. The more pieces you have, the larger the designs that can be created. An additional accessory that you may order is a slide; this slide can be used on any of our playsets except the “My First Quadro”. Rolling wheels, fabric roofs and netting are also available in a various kits.

Whichever playset you order you will find packed with it a model handbook with a wide variety of suggestions on how to create and construct a wide range of designs.

If you need help in deciding exactly which kit to purchase we will be happy to supply you with a parts comparison list. One thing we usually suggest to our customers is to consider how many children will be playing at one time; that is, if you are planning on building the climbing structure and not a go cart, juice bar, goal, airplane, or a truck, etc. (Of course, you can always break down the climbing structure and make a vehicle later.) 

With our Starter Kit you can build such structures as a theatre, store, a juice bar, or add a ramp to a small climbing structure.

Picture of some basic designs customers design and build:

When you purchase one of our Basic playsets, your children will enjoy playing with a variety of carts, trucks, a plane, locomotive, racers, cars and other structures with a wheel or two attached.

A larger Junior II Play Set will provide you a larger theatre, a fort, a shop, a goal, and among other structures a nice juice bar to sell cold drinks from.

Our Universal Kit is the largest playset and provides you the most pieces to build a climbing structure. Build a sled, a pirate ship, a fort, a kitchen, a desk/house, just to name a few exciting designs.

If you have an infant you will sure to build an enclosed play area for him/her, as well as a high chair or a change table.

For your toddlers you will be construction various play structures such as houses for them to crawl through as well as forts, platforms, and many types of vehicles.

Your preschoolers will be able to help you construct a play structure such as a loft, various pieces of furniture, an assortment of vehicles as well as dramatic play, etc.

As your children grow do not pack away your playsets; pre-teens will be able to design and build their own furniture and study desks. Teenagers will construct a wide variety of their very own special construction projects for their room. And wait, we are not through yet.

Send your Quadro playset to college. Your kids will find they can build cubbies and shelving in their dorm room as well as a desk. When they graduate and can part with the kit make sure to save it for your first grandchild and start all over. These modular construction systems of tubes, connectors, and panels last for generations and, as you can well imagine, grow with your child!